Month: July 2018

41: A Year in Review

41: A Year in Review I can’t believe I ended up 41. I created my blog on my birthday last year. I was terrified about turning 40. Honestly, I’m still not ecstatic about it. But I’m learning to wear it well. One of the reasons I was so uncomfortable was a terrible, nagging feeling that […]

The Ability to Know Nothing: A Deep Look at Argument and Disagreement

Complicated Generation We’re in a complicated generation. I listen to podcasts all the time, and I think the most common thread I feel throughout what I’m hearing is that people just don’t know how to argue anymore. Rules of Argument In my estimation, there are four rules to a good, old-fashioned argument. Four rules I […]

Teach Like a Ninja (7 Powerful Quotes)

I love to write. I think I’m even pretty good at it. And I love maintaining this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, as well. The Origin of Teach Like a Ninja Inspired by a good friend, I recently decided I wanted to take my writing to the next level. I thought the best […]

My Five Favorite Educational Websites

Educational Websites As a former educator but a lifelong learner, I wanted to take some time to explore a few educational websites that fascinate me, most of which I use every day of my life. I recommend and enjoy all of them. Hopefully you’ll find something in here you can enjoy as well. 1) Educational […]

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