Car Troubles and the Best Thing I Ever Bought

Way back when I was having some car trouble. I admit it. I am not good with cars. At all. Yeah, I can drive one just fine. At least, I assume I remember how to (currently, no license in Israel). But when it comes to maintenance and just general knowledge, I know nothing. The Little […]

School in Israel and the Plague of Unknowing

School Daze in the Holy Land These are quite confusing times. My son had been thriving in his distance learning already for a couple of months. But things were happening in the world. So, originally we were told that at best he would be back in school in September. But things were improving, so they […]

Devorah, the Royalty of Step-Moms (5 Reasons Why)

Devorah, the Step-Mom Last week I spoke about step-parents, the unsung heroes with just about the most difficult job imaginable. But this week I would like to talk about a very specific step-mom: My beautiful Devorah, who stepped into her role with purpose, and continues to be amazing at it every single day. I want […]

5 Reasons Why Step-Parents Have the Most Challenging Job

Parents vs. Step-Parents I’ve been a dad for nearly 17 years. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even remember what it’s like not to be a father. I wake up knowing that my decisions have consequences. I go to sleep knowing that decisions I made throughout the day could affect my children for […]

Tales of an Extraverted Introvert

Confused Identity Having a confused identity is nothing new to me. In fact, it’s part of my identity. For the longest time I’ve called myself an introvert. And a few events recently called that into question for me. Am I an Introvert? But first, why did I think I was an introvert in the first […]

3 Quick Workouts To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Enjoy another guest post, this time from a new friend I met during the wonderful word of networking, Eric Piccione, a former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete turned blogger. Eric and I share a passion for health and fitness, which shines brightly in this article about three fantastic quick workouts that will get your heart pumping […]

A Corona Wedding Extravaganza

Wedding Dilemma A few weeks ago, I had a dilemma. A friend was getting married. And God knows I wanted to be there. He’s an angel of a human being, he’s come a really long way since we met, and I really wanted to see him in his moment of true happiness. But we are […]

Unorthodox: Intense. Emotional. Accurate?

The Netflix original Unorthodox has stormed the world. If my Facebook feed is not Coronavirus memes, silly games, or dopey pictures of cats, it’s friends of mine discussing this show. I’m not one for peer pressure or just doing what everyone else is doing… but I couldn’t stop my curiosity, and the subject matter is […]

The Moshav: One Year Later, Hopes, Tears, and the Unknown

Just a bit over a year ago, we were all hit with the devastating news that our precious Moshav was demolished in a relentless fire. The place many of us had been to so many times, where we had more heartwarming experiences than we could count, was reduced to piles of ashes. And heartbreak. Yes, […]

Coronavirus: The Day After (Five Wishes)

What happens the day after? This whole catastrophe is not over. I’m assuming we’re not even close. We likely have a lot more craziness ahead of us, and tons of lessons to learn. And it would seem we’re going to learn them the hard way, too. But here is a question that’s been burning on […]

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