The “Complete” Life: Five Essential Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me

Yes, I’ve tackled one complete year of marriage. We’ve had a lot of fun, been through a lot together. And we are continuously learning about each other. And ourselves. When we’re in our teens we think we know everything. And, of course, we’re eventually woken to the reality that we know almost nothing. Yet it’s […]

The “American” Experience, Part 5: We Conquered Vienna

For those who don’t know, I spent about two years freelance writing for a travel website. I wrote probably a couple of hundred articles all about tourist sites in Vienna. Of course, there’s nothing exceptional about this… except for the fact that I had never been to Vienna in my entire life. Anything and everything […]

The American Experience, Part 4: New York, Family, Pizza, and More!

Wrapping up my American Adventure, I want to talk about a few odds and ends of the New York portion of our journey. I miss America. I really do. When I moved to Israel twenty years ago, I really didn’t appreciate the place. And now as an adult, I’ve come to realize America really has […]

The American Experience, Part 3: Epic Road Trip! (5 Tips)

So Pittsburgh was done and forever behind us. And it was now time to head on back to New York for all sorts of fun. But first, how in the world to get home? Flying is expensive… and wasn’t even all that pleasant last time. Train? Just as expensive. Bus? Yuck. Road Trip! We decided […]

The American Experience, Part 2: Pittsburgh, Not My City

The first stop of our American Adventure was Pittsburgh. We should have known something was up from the first impressions we received on the way there. Right off the bat, we were seated just a hop, skip, and a jump away from what must have been the most loathsome person I have ever had the […]

The American Experience, Part I: Travel, Weddings, and Numbers

The last two weeks were one gigantic adventure. My amazing wife and I did so much in just a short period, and I can’t stop talking about our experience. For two weeks I learned so much about myself, family, travel, the world, and so much more. I can’t wait to talk all about it in […]

Devorah and I: One Amazing Year… an Extra-Amazing Always

It’s been a year. A whole year. It’s hard to even imagine. Devorah and I joke all the time about how our dating experience seemed to last a lifetime. The process of getting to our one month dating anniversary (mensiversary?) took forever. Yet somehow or other the first year of marriage just flew by like […]

The Struggle Here, the Struggle Now

To say that these past three years here in Israel have been a struggle for me is not an exaggeration. I came with a whole lot of baggage and hard feelings. And I came with a lot of high hopes for what my life could and should look like. Struggle to Find my Path I […]

Time to Stop and Hug Your Kids

I gasped. And almost threw up. My son and I were packing up the car to go away for the weekend, when I watched his feet start slipping up from underneath him. The Fall The weather has been pretty nasty here lately, and the stairs were freshly mopped and still drying. And there he was, […]

Parties, Coalitions, and Craziness… Oh My!

Yup, politics. More specifically, Israeli politics. Not something I love to talk about, and I’m sure there will be folk who do not love to hear what I have to say. Israel’s Messy Political Situation The political situation in Israel is a mess. Now, granted, it seems to be quite a mess everywhere. Americans are […]

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