Betrayal is Not My Christianity

Betrayal. Deceit at levels outrageously hard to fathom. That’s how so many people felt the other week. Chassidic Christianity? The story is uncommon (hopefully). The effects are drastic. And the shock remains, and will probably linger for months if not years to come. The other day my wife sent me an article about a “man” […]

Joe Biden: Finally My President

Something big happened recently with President Biden, something I can’t stop thinking about and speaking about. I am hardly a politically-minded person. And I think it would be absurd to pigeonhole my beliefs into any petty terminology like “liberal” or “conservative”. I don’t like my opinions on any issue to be artificially predetermined by some […]

Israelis… Only a Little More So

The world opened up again. It was a brilliant thing to watch. I got to go to my gym. People are out and about. It almost feels like it’s a completely normal country and that we can breathe a little. We can almost smell the end to this horrendous pandemic that has brought a halt […]

What Will Be with the Future of our Children?

I’m been thinking a whole lot lately about what we do and it’s impact on the future. Two things have really sparked that in me. Am I That Dave? First, from seemingly out of nowhere, an old friend sent me this article he had written. At first, I was in disbelief. I understood that he […]

Israel Elections: I Voted 4 Times in 2 Years…

A while back I made a joke. Israel’s first round of the current elections didn’t work out and we were forced to go to second elections. I took a look at the political landscape, contemplated how most of it would pan out, didn’t see a scenario in which things would be any different the second […]

How to Create a Great Show (3 Elements of Excellence)

Winding down in the Jaffe household usually means watching an episode of something on Netflix. And the last several years have been quite the adventure. Some shows we’ve watched have been amazing. Others have been amazingly terrible. And I’ve often been intrigued by the ones that fall into neither category. They are just entertaining enough […]

A Unique Purim for the Ages (2021)

Purim* is my favorite Jewish holiday. What’s not to love? You eat tons of delicious food, dress up in crazy costumes, give to and receive gifts from friends, and you drink like crazy until you fall down, happy as a clam. But these are different times. And no holiday has had the same excitement and […]

Finding Israel a Safe Place to Hide

The whole world is looking at Israel right now. And it sucks. It really, really sucks. It’s rarely if ever a good thing when Israel makes it into the news or is in the public eye in any way. Usually it in some way involves war or terrorism, so it’s a highlight of tragedy. Other […]

The Vaccine and the Soul that Cannot be Lost

What the hell is going on in the world? I got this little shot thing in my arm recently …. But I have a vaccine confession… I didn’t really want to. Let me explain. Not a Fan of Western Medicine I’m not a fan of western medicine. It just seems to fail me at every […]

A Girl and Her Cat, Together Forever

It was a ridiculously sad day. And with not too much thought, I can still see the lifeless eyes. Just nothing, absolutely nothing staring out into emptiness. A Dog Person and a Cat Person The tragic story began over two years ago, at the beginning of my amazing relationship with Devorah. We became super close, […]

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