Teach Like a Ninja

Teach Like a Ninja (7 Powerful Quotes)

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I love to write. I think I’m even pretty good at it.

And I love maintaining this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, as well.

The Origin of Teach Like a Ninja

Inspired by a good friend, I recently decided I wanted to take my writing to the next level. I thought the best way to do that would be to start a new adventure writing an eBook.

And so I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write about, and decided after lots of deliberation it was time to write down some of what I learned in almost a decade in the classroom.

And that was the origin of Teach Like a Ninja.

Teach Like a Ninja

I’m no longer a teacher, but those years were jam-packed with life lessons, and they were extremely important and special to me. I learned so much and I want to make every minute mean something.

So I started thinking and typing and editing, and after several months of hard work, I am proud to announce the final product: Teach Like a Ninja.

I’d love it if you bought a copy. If you know someone who is new to education or considering it as a career, or if you think I might just have something to say that might enhance their career, consider ordering a copy. It’s extremely affordable and, in my humble opinion, a pretty decent read with a few good laughs along the way.

Memorable Quotes

Here are a few powerful quotes from Teach Like a Ninja:

A Risk is a Risk

From Chapter I (“Learn to let things go… for things will inevitably get messed up”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

…more than anything, [teachers] need to be willing to do things that have never been done before. Or to do incredible things that have been done before, but with limited or no success.

But a risk is a risk. The rewards of success are unfathomably great. And the risks of failure could have many repercussions, ranging from embarrassment to on-the-spot scrapped lesson plans to even getting fired.

Teachers Need to Teach

Teach Like a Ninja

From Chapter II (“The Secret to Being a Great Teacher: Marry Rich”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

… a teacher needs to teach. He needs to look out into the room of the children he wishes to influence, and search his soul for the absolute best way to get information into the previously unoccupied spot in the students’ heads.

No matter what the consequences.

You Be You

From Chapter III (“Be Yourself, and the Best Version of Yourself”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

Your students are just little people yearning for knowledge and inspiration. It comes more naturally from someone they like or admire. And you will inherently be more likeable and admirable if you open yourself up to your students.

They want to be taught by a person, a whole person, with interests, dreams, opinions, and stories.

Your Students are Incredible

Teach Like a Ninja

From Chapter IV (“Your Students are Friggin’ Amazing”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

When you look at a person, you need to see just that: A real being. A special being. Someone with strengths and weaknesses, with true and powerful feelings, someone who one day might be wealthy, important, or influential regardless of anything they do in your classroom. Or that won’t be, and that’s fine too! When you realize all of this, you’re already a huge leap closer to succeeding.

Extreme Caution

Chapter VI (“How easy it is to destroy someone”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

Teaching is hard. On one hand, you need to feel freedom… On the other hand, every word is precious and should not be abused. Be careful! You want every student you ever teach to walk away a better, stronger person, and you would never want to be responsible for damaging them in any way, shape, or form.

Don’t Forget Your Goals

Chapter VIII (“Goals, Goals, and More Goals”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

[Goals] exist to pull you forward and to heighten your motivation. If they aggravate or upset you, do not abandon the practice. Reevaluate yourself, your relationship with your goals, and the goals themselves. It’s a crying shame if you lack this mighty tool in your life.

A Room of Souls

Teach Like a Ninja

Chapter XI (“Futility of Grades, and the Folly of Long-Term Success Projections”) of Teach Like a Ninja:

You are not teaching mini robot test takers. You are teaching a room full of lovely souls, each of whom can go farther than your imagination can conceive. Click To Tweet

Theme Throughout Teach Like a Ninja

One of the primary themes throughout Teach Like a Ninja is that students are whole, complex beings. They don’t live for your classroom, they have a lot going on in their lives, and they are loaded with opinions, interests, thoughts, and feelings. The only way to truly reach and impact them is when you recognize this and you make sure that each and every moment you’re in front of the classroom, you are hyper-aware of the amount of beautiful complexity that sits before you.

Teach Like a Ninja

If any of these quotes or this concept stands out to you, if you are a teacher in the early stages of your career, if you’re contemplating becoming a teacher, or if you know anyone like this, consider ordering a copy.

And of course, please feel free to leave comments on this post and to review the book on Amazon. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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