The Ability to Know Nothing: A Deep Look at Argument and Disagreement

Complicated Generation We’re in a complicated generation. I listen to podcasts all the time, and I think the most common thread I feel throughout what I’m hearing is that people just don’t know how to argue anymore. Rules of Argument In my estimation, there are four rules to a good, old-fashioned argument. Four rules I […]

Tales of Jewish Dating, Part III: Dating Wrong

Dating Wrong Wrapping up this little series on Jewish Dating, I’d like to discuss some major insights I’ve pieced together. I don’t have all the answers. Not even close. But 20 years of dealing with dating, marriage, and divorce have taught me a few lessons about what to do. And more importantly, what not to […]

Tales of Jewish Dating, Part II: Lessons Learned

we In my last post, I told many stories about the less-than-perfect experience I had with shadchanim and Jewish dating. I’d like to speak about some things I learned from these experiences. Not All Shadchanim are Created Equal First, not all shadchanim are made equal. Some really take the time to get to know you. […]

Tales of Jewish Dating, Part I: Shadchanim, Lousy Dates, and Beyond

In The Beginning… Almost two decades ago, I started dating with a fury. I was visiting shadchanim and going on dates just about every week. And I was miserable. At the time I was living in Israel, watching all my friends getting married, and itching to find my own soulmate. Arguably pathetically desperate. I went […]

My Overwhelming Dilemma: What Would You Do?

The First Dilemma There are a lot of reasons I am writing this post. However, the biggest reason is to just get some things out into the open. Things I’ve been bottling up for way too long, all starting with the first dilemma. Many years ago I worked at Cornell University. I was in charge […]

Six Things I Love About Israel

So… anyone who’s been paying attention for a bit may have noticed I’m a bit harsh in my criticism of Israel. Well, that’s not likely to change anytime soon. However, recently a friend of mine challenged me to come up with ten things I love about Israel. I love a good challenge… and this certainly […]

Where Has All My Faith Gone?

I have no delusions that writing this post will solve the many issues swimming around in my brain right now. I write because it’s cathartic, and occasionally doing so is literally life changing for me. However, sometimes issues are bigger than can be resolved in a thousand words. My mind and spirit were damaged about […]

Don’t Call Me Rabbi

If I want to be honest, the next nearly two decades of my religious development are a blur to me. I recall pockets of influence and impact along the way; but, I was essentially on a powerful upswing until recent years. Sometimes I was strong, other times I was stronger. I was always learning and […]

Three Radical Shocks to My System

Confused Identity So there I was, trapped again with a confused identity. But with my eyes wide open to any and all influence that might come my way. I’d like to explore three extremely memorable moments over the course of the following year, three moments that would have a permanent impact on me. 1) Am […]

Un-Informed Choice

It was a dark and damp Friday evening at SUNY Albany. Every Friday night I attended the reform services on my campus. It was pretty much the only thing we consistently did, so I took it very seriously. However, that fateful evening I made an error. There was a poster showing the times for the […]

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