The Teacher Itch: Five Things I Miss About Being a Teacher

Am I still a teacher? It’s been over three years since I left education. It wasn’t even a mildly complicated decision at the time. Almost as if the field itself had chewed me up and spit me out. It was time to go. I was done. But for my first year after I was done, […]

Teach Like a Ninja (7 Powerful Quotes)

I love to write. I think I’m even pretty good at it. And I love maintaining this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, as well. The Origin of Teach Like a Ninja Inspired by a good friend, I recently decided I wanted to take my writing to the next level. I thought the best […]

My Five Favorite Educational Websites

Educational Websites As a former educator but a lifelong learner, I wanted to take some time to explore a few educational websites that fascinate me, most of which I use every day of my life. I recommend and enjoy all of them. Hopefully you’ll find something in here you can enjoy as well. 1) Educational […]

Why Don’t My Employers Like Me!?

So… Maybe It’s Me After last week’s post, I started seriously contemplating some of my employment (and personal) history over the last 40 years. I’ve always been quite introspective. And I try very hard not to make excuses. So after quite a few years of having employers dislike me, it really got me thinking. Maybe […]

Is College Useful Anymore?

Is College Useful Anymore? Really off the beaten path with my posts, but this is just a topic I’ve been thinking about a ton lately. How can I not? I’ve got two degrees, a job that has nothing to do with either of them, and four kids who will one day enter the work force. […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part VI: The Nail In The Coffin

After seven years of living in and working in Jewish Education in Baltimore, I moved to Kansas for very personal reasons. There is one Jewish day school there, and I was offered a job. My job description changed my first week. It was someone else’s miscommunication, but I was faulted for it. New classes were […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part V

20 Uncomfortable Facts about Jewish Education Part IV 16. Our Mobility Is Limited Our chosen profession, Jewish education, is dangerously limiting. Many communities only have one Jewish school, so that if you want to change or your contract gets cancelled, you either need to switch professions or uproot your entire family. Even in communities with […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part IV

20 Uncomfortable Facts of Jewish Education, Part III 11. The Sad Reality Of The ‘B’ We are living in a sad situation. Jewish Education has become a commercialized business. The schools are forced to cater to the whims and wishes of the students and parents, or risk losing the tuitions that keep the schools running. […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part III

20 Uncomfortable Facts about Jewish Education Part II 6. The Very Religious Schools Devalue General Studies One of the schools I taught at during my Jewish Education adventure was an all-boy, extremely religious school in Baltimore. I taught English to the entire 11th grade. My classes were in the early evening, right before dinner. After […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part II

20 Uncomfortable Facts about Jewish Education, Part I 1. Many Of Us Got Stuck in Jewish Education Unfortunately, years upon years of a Jewish education don’t lead to all that many career choices. Like me, many an enthusiastic student spends several years studying for a smicha (rabbinic ordination), only to find that the world isn’t […]

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