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New Book Announcement: Health and Fitness… for Regular People

Well, here it is. My fourth book: Health and Fitness… for Regular People. And it was quite a pleasure writing on a subject I am so utterly passionate about. I hope I can successfully hand my knowledge and education over to you as well.

Here is a small taste of everything you’ll find inside Health and Fitness… for Regular People. You should grab a copy. And one for a friend as well. I think you’ll like it.

Health and Fitness for Regular People: The Exercise You are Doing

“The exercise you are doing is and will always be better than the exercise you are not doing.” -Ch. 1

Exercise is more than just running and weightlifting. It’s any physical activity that gets your heartrate up. And it’s all good for you!

The most important part is exercising. Which exercise you choose is somewhat inconsequential. What you need is sustainability, so you’ll voluntarily continue your exercise for years to come.

So choose something you love, and go ahead and do the hell out of it.

Health and Fitness for Regular People: Good Form Today

Health and Fitness... for Regular People

“Use good form today so you can continue exercising like a beast tomorrow as well.” -Ch. 2

It’s very common for people to just charge into an exercise endeavor without any training or instruction. They don’t have a clue what they are doing, and are setting themselves up for weaker gains and an almost inevitable injury.

One of the reasons people ignore proper form is because they want to do things that look cooler. They want to toss around a heavier weight. Maybe to make themselves feel stronger. Maybe to theoretically impress someone else in the room.

However, this is flawed in so many ways. Nowhere near the least among them: Not doing things correctly will have you stuck at home in no time, nursing an injured shoulder or knee. Want great gains from your workout? You’ll need consistency. And if you’re injured, it will be a big, fat setback.

So you should focus on doing things correctly today, so we’ll see you back at it again tomorrow as well.

Health and Fitness for Regular People: The Most Supportive Environment

Health and Fitness... for Regular People

“You will never find a more supportive environment than a quality gym. It will be a giant room of people cheering you on, who absolutely cannot wait to see what you look like in six months.” -Ch. 3

It’s easy to be shy about a new environment. This might be especially true when you’re completely out of shape and walking into a place filled with a bunch of beasts in ridiculously good shape.

But worry not! A quality gym is the most supportive environment you will ever find. They want you there. You motivate them as much as they’ll motivate you.

Why? Because you’ve made the conscious decision to take back your life. And that’s as inspiring as it gets.

Health and Fitness for Regular People: What You Think You Know

“Stay current. And don’t be afraid to challenge what you think you know. ” -Ch. 6

Health and Fitness information changes faster than anyone can imagine. And not only is it vital to stay on top of the latest news, but it’s very easy to get trapped in outdated modes of thinking.

Are eggs healthy? What about soy? How much cardio should I do? What’s the best kind? Shouldn’t I avoid saturated fat? Or is it the best thing that’s ever happened to the human diet?

It can get overwhelming, for sure. And in Health and Fitness… for Regular People, I give tactics to try and help you not get overwhelmed. Nevertheless, never assume you know everything, or that the latest knowledge hasn’t changed. There’s so much to learn. But don’t forget to relearn as well!

Health and Fitness for Regular People: Forget About Yesterday

“Learn to pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments and not beat yourself up about the mishaps along the journey.” -Ch. 6

Getting to a healthy place in life includes learning to forgive yourself when things don’t go your way. We’re not perfect. We’ll make mistakes and have setbacks.

But we shouldn’t let them get us down, and we should always try and put the past behind us. Tomorrow is not just a new day. It’s a fantastic day to become an even better person.

In order to succeed, we need to learn to celebrate accomplishments. And to move when things don’t go our way. Crap happens. It’s unavoidable. It’s how we handle it today, and even more so tomorrow, that distinguishes those destined for greatness.

Health and Fitness for Regular People: Sugar Sugar Sugar

Health and Fitness... for Regular People

“… if you want freedom from a powerful and unfortunate sugar addiction, you need to decide that you’re in it for keeps. ” -Ch. 7

I am a sugar addict. It’s a problem I battle with literally every day of my life. In Health and Fitness… for Regular People I talk about how I’ve overcome my sugar addiction, my consistent struggles with sugar, and why all of this is so important to me and my health journey.

Read along to figure out whether or not you’re an addict as well, and to gain strategies to deal with your addiction. It’s hard as hell and takes massive commitment. I’ll be cheering you on from my living room!

Health and Fitness for Regular People: Supplements are Supplemental

Health and Fitness... for Regular People

“Supplements should be exactly what their name implies: They should be a backup to an already high-quality life. They should not be an attempt to replace one.” -Ch. 9

It’s so easy to get pulled into the notion that health can be purchased at the Vitamin Shoppe for $10. But it’s very far from the truth.

Health begins with nutrition, continues on with fitness and movement, and is topped off with a concerted effort to care greatly for your mental well-being. Anything else is just cherries on top.

Don’t get me wrong. Those cherries can be a fantastic addition to an already extremely healthy lifestyle. But they can never serve as a replacement. That will get you absolutely nowhere. A cherry sitting in an empty bowl is boring and unsatisfying. Place it atop a glorious ice cream sundae, that’s when you achieve perfection.

And thus we have accomplished something special today: The least healthy metaphor ever devised for quality health and fitness.

Supplements should be exactly what their name implies: They should be a backup to an already high-quality life. They should not be an attempt to replace one. Click To Tweet

Health and Fitness for Regular People: Don’t Be Fooled

“… stop being fooled by an industry that doesn’t really care about your healthy-lifestyle goals and just wants your hard-earned cash.” -Ch. 10

There is an industry behind just about every food item we may consume. For the most part, it has one goal in this world: Money money money.

And the quicker you recognize that there’s no one else looking out for your health and wellbeing, the better. You need to learn how to not trust the industry and the government that basically supports all of its efforts. You need to fill yourself up with fountains of knowledge that will keep you safe and fit for many years to come.

The quicker you realize that you’re in charge of your own destiny, the quicker you can sprint toward all your desired accomplishments.


Health and Fitness… for Regular People is a book designed for people who want to take back their lives. People who want to be in charge of their fitness and nutrition, without becoming overwhelmed, and without feeling like they’re losing a part of themselves.

It’s a book for normal people. People like you and me. We want to love what we see when we look in the mirror. And we want to feel great and know that we’ll be spending a whole lot of fantastic years on this planet. And we’ll simultaneously not lose ourselves in the effort.

If you want all that and more, order your copy of Health and Fitness… for Regular People today. And while you’re at it, I’m sure your friend could use a copy too!

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