Six More Things I Love About Israel

Way back when a friend challenged me to write an article about things I love about Israel. I thought it was a fair challenge on a number of levels. Obviously there are things about the country that bug me to no end. It’s only fair that I tell the other side as well. There also […]

Make Me Rich in 2019!

2019 is going to be my year. This is the one in which I achieve complete financial independence. And this is the year where I finally get to a stage where I wake up in the morning no longer frightened to pay my bills. I want to get there without pain. And I want to […]

Should the Ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) Really Serve in the IDF?

To Serve in the IDF I went to the Israeli Army when I was in my early 20s, a solid deal older than everyone else in my group. And I quickly learned that I arrived somewhere very unexpected. I thought I was entering a place filled with excitement and fervor. Dedication and commitment. Pride and […]

Never Settle… Reloaded (Part 2)

I had a lot of strong responses to my Never Settle post and it made me think it’s worthwhile to do a bit of a follow up about some details, three of which I’d like to discuss or clarify here: Settling vs Realism A few folk told me that it was wrong of me to […]

6 Things I Love About Israel

So… anyone who’s been paying attention for a bit may have noticed I’m a bit harsh in my criticism of Israel. Well, that’s not likely to change anytime soon. However, recently a friend of mine challenged me to come up with ten things I love about Israel. I love a good challenge… and this certainly […]

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