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My Declaration: What I Want in My Profession

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I’m unemployed. Again.

Last time it happened, it broke me. I felt bad for myself for months. And I was held back by fears, suffering, and lack of direction.

I was afraid of not have my time structured and occupied. I was afraid of not being able to pay rent. I was afraid of watching my bank account plummet, so that twenty years of hard work gets wiped out in a matter of months.

Just Working

I Want To Not Be Bored

So I did what I’ve been doing for as long as I could remember.

I searched for a job. Sadly, that’s the end of the thought. Because it’s not much more complex than that. I needed a job. And if something came along that checked a box or two, and made it so that I didn’t have to worry as much about making rent that month, I’d hop on it. And continue the perpetuation of a cycle I didn’t know how to break out of. The cycle of just working, but not pursuing passion. The cycle of just following the ebbs and flow of life, without trying to influence and control the direction things take.

But no more!

This time will be different. This time must be different!

Doing Something I Love

I Want Joy

With a bit of help and a whole lot of contemplation, I’m finally pushing for a path that is carved out by me. That’s carved out by my wants and desires. That will get me excited to wake up in the morning, not just because I am motivated to do my job and get a paycheck, but because I’m doing something I love. And furthermore, because every day that I do my job well, my life is a little better than it was the day before.

So that brings me to this post, one I write with a hefty amount of fear. I’m writing this post to put my north star on paper, and to hold myself accountable for my goals and aspirations. If you know me and care about me, please ask me if I’m sticking to my guns. Ask me if I love what I do. Ask me if I held to my words. And if the answer is no, then push me. Ask me why I chose to compromise.

What I Want


So this is what I want:

I want to work in marketing. I want to be in an environment that encourages risk taking and exercising creativity, while trusting you to do great things if left to create something beautiful.

I want to work an environment that encourages growth and learning. That sees employees as long-term investments who will stay with the company for the long haul, so their development as both a person and a professional is of utmost importance, because they should possess countless skills to make the company grow to all new heights.

And if it should happen that the employee of several years, loaded with skills learned while under their banner, either lands an opportunity of a lifetime at another company, or chooses to go off and do their own thing, it’s not a sign of disloyalty that should be shunned. Rather it’s a symbol of pride, since the employee was an investment that paid off. They have grown so much, and should be ushered off into their new reality with nothing but excitement for this greater person who was formed under their watch.

Jumping Out Of Bed

I Want To Wake Up Excited

But I don’t just want to work in a creative field that I enjoy, in a wonderful company filled with kind, decent people. I want to wake up wanting to jump out of bed because not only is my job something I love to do, but it’s for a cause I believe in. It’s existence literally makes the world a better place.

There are many issues I care about. I could be quite happy knowing my time is spent raising awareness for a cause that helps sick children. Or people with disabilities. Or lone soldiers.

But I think in an ideal world, your profession should connect with the whole of who you are. And yes, these are beautiful causes. Ones I feel very passionate about. But they are not my life’s passion.

Health and Fitness

I Want To Be Fit

I live and breath health and fitness. I am constantly reading about these topics, constantly exercising, and feel deeply passionate about trying to move toward a world where people care about these topics as much as I do, and wish to work day and night to make the world a healthier place.

So yes, I want to work in marketing. I have the skills, the creativity, and the work ethic. And if I’m marketing a product or service, I will be very grateful. And I will do it to the best of my ability.

And if I support a great cause, I will wake up every day proud of what I’m doing.

But it’s not the ultimate goal. The employment endgame is doing marketing in the health tech or sports tech world. That’s where I want to be. And that is the direction I’m trying to zoom toward.

More From Life

Is this a pipe dream? Perhaps. But without a visual of where you want to be, how can you ever expect to move forward in life?

For years I told myself that being able to feed your household was enough. And I suppose that might be the case for some. Possibly for many. They are OK going through the motions. Clocking out at the end of the day, cashing a paycheck, and plopping dinner on the table for their loved ones.

More power to them. If it gets them through the day, and they’re not seeking more, in many ways I envy them. To fill their bucket of life fulfillment is easier. Maybe their bucket is smaller.

Hold Me to the Fire

I Want Passion

But my eyes are big. They see so much. They envision a life far greater and more prosperous than the one I’ve lived up until today.

So, my friends, if you see me compromising, hold me to the fire. Remind me that I want more. And if I’m not advancing toward my goals, I’m not moving forward at all.

And not actively moving forward is tantamount to giving up.

Can you really stand by and let someone you care about give up?

2 thoughts on “My Declaration: What I Want in My Profession”

  1. Im happy to hear you are on a path to fill your body and soul! I’m in a similar situation, and the draw of an instant income at any cost is huge. I too, however, decided I need to figure out what I love, what I enjoy, what, on its own, would pull me out of bed daily to happily, go and enjoy myself. Hoping the paycheck is the bonus!! You’re half way there knowing what you are passionate about and what you love spending your body and time actively doing. I’m looking forward to hearing about where you choose to land, and WILL ask why you chose to settle vs thrive! My best to you in your new endeavors!

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