Revisiting the Toothpaste Conundrum

Confession: I am a big, fat hypocrite. Well, maybe not so much a hypocrite as someone who might need to seriously re-think previously held beliefs. You see, three years ago I wrote my third blog post (!), Marriage: Separate Paths to Nowhere, which included these words: Now, a surprisingly large amount of people have asked […]

My Aunt Lynn (1946-2020), Not a Regular Person

Just a few weeks ago, my family received the tragic news that my Aunt Lynn had passed away. I’m quite a sensitive person, and in general mortality has always baffled me. But this was particularly jarring for two main reasons. Shockingly Sudden First, it was shockingly sudden. An illness Lynn had conquered crept back into […]

Confession: The 3 Times I Cheated

I was a mediocre high school student… followed by being an exceptional college student, both for my BA and my Masters. And, for the most part, I was extremely honest all the way through. With some big exceptions. There was one major time I “cheated” in each one of these institutions, and I’m here to […]

Am I Still a Zionist?

A little debate I’ve been having with myself recently. Thought others might want to weigh in. I used to be an ardent Zionist. I came to Israel with a passion. And I loved my time here. I was able to overlook the many faults of the country in favor of seeing the beauty and the […]

Support What You Want, We’ll Always Be Friends

I am angry. These past few weeks have been nothing but outrageously bothersome to me. I’ll tell you, I couldn’t care less about American politics or which candidate anyone supports. I think the system is ridiculous and one of my favorite things about the past four years was how much it exposed how inane the […]

My Top 6 Netflix Shows to Avoid During a Pandemic

Last week I spoke about six Netflix shows I highly recommended, shows that excited, inspired, or made me laugh. And now we’re turning everything around, with six more shows… that were so damn awful, I’m almost embarrassed I watched them. The same parameters apply: a. Available on Netflix in Israel. b. It’s a proper show, […]

My Top 6 Netflix Shows to Survive a Pandemic

So we’re all stuck at home. Even if some of us are out and about, or we’re keeping ourselves busy with all sorts of important tasks, it can’t be denied: We’re home a lot more often… and we can use a distraction more than ever before. And in the monotony of the 24-7 home-all-the-time fun, […]

5 Movie Scenes that Make Me Cry Like a Baby

The posts have been hard and heavy lately. What can I do? These aren’t the easiest of times. And they are times that inspire strong emotions. So to take my mind off the craziness, I thought I’d spend the next few posts talking about entertainment topics. But we’re not quite out of the woods just […]

Really Bad News… for the Jews

I follow the news. Well, at least a little. I get a daily Need 2 Know update. It’s awesome, and I’m a huge fan. But the other day I read two separate stories, and they made my blood boil. The News of New York The first story was about how awful New York City is […]

10 Ultra-Unforgettable Moments with My Son

My son and I are quite close. And I had the pleasure of witnessing something magical the other day when he earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt, after two years of slaving away to get there. I could not have been a prouder father. And it started getting me thinking about these last several […]

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