Month: February 2019

Make Me Rich in 2019!

2019 is going to be my year. This is the one in which I achieve complete financial independence. And this is the year where I finally get to a stage where I wake up in the morning no longer frightened to pay my bills. I want to get there without pain. And I want to […]

New Book Announcement: You’re Doing Everything Wrong

I’m extremely excited to announce the publication of my second eBook, You’re Doing Everything Wrong. If you haven’t snatched up a copy of my first book, Teach Like a Ninja, please grab a copy at your nearest convenience (and don’t forget to write an Amazon review). My new book, You’re Doing Everything Wrong, is a compilation […]

The Devorah-Yitzchak Story: Part 5-The Proposal

I’ve had a dream for quite some time. If I ever found myself ready to get married again, I wanted a highlight reel kind of proposal. I wanted to do something special and outlandish. Something people would talk about for months and months to come, and that my bride of choice would never forget. Crazy […]

The Devorah-Yitzchak Story: Part 4–The Mighty 253

And there we were. Yitzchak and Devorah, somehow in a relationship. Against all odds. I didn’t want to date. I made that abundantly (and now embarrassingly) clear. But I was extremely happy. The real question at this point would be: What happens now? Break on Through to the Other Side We broke through that odd […]

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