Month: June 2021

All About the Money, Never About What Matters

OK, I get it. We all need to make money. And yes, technically continuing education is vitally important. But a scam’s a scam. And I’d like to speak out about one that I think is really common lately. I’ll give an example of how things might work. How to Become a Trainer Many years ago […]

Tales of a Customer Support Hero

My job title and description are conversation stoppers. I tell people what I do, and the listener fights hard to hold back a yawn and they rush to change the subject as quickly as possible. Yeah, I get it. Customer support isn’t exciting. They make enthralling TV shows and movies about cops and soldiers. They’ve […]

Marriage, Birthdays, 200 posts… Oh My!

I love posts about occasions. And I’m excited because I get to combine occasions today! This is my 200th post. I feel like it was just yesterday I honored my 40th birthday by starting this blog. And now I’ve delighted your minds 200 times. Go me! But this post is about something so much bigger. […]

Victim Blaming… or Just Sound Advice?

Last week I ranted about how I found myself screaming at my phone while listening to a podcast. The whole incident reminded me of a time a few years ago when I found myself yelling at the radio while driving along in my car listening to a discussion about victim blaming. Ah, how I miss […]

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