Month: April 2021

Israelis… Only a Little More So

The world opened up again. It was a brilliant thing to watch. I got to go to my gym. People are out and about. It almost feels like it’s a completely normal country and that we can breathe a little. We can almost smell the end to this horrendous pandemic that has brought a halt […]

What Will Be with the Future of our Children?

I’m been thinking a whole lot lately about what we do and it’s impact on the future. Two things have really sparked that in me. Am I That Dave? First, from seemingly out of nowhere, an old friend sent me this article he had written. At first, I was in disbelief. I understood that he […]

Israel Elections: I Voted 4 Times in 2 Years…

A while back I made a joke. Israel’s first round of the current elections didn’t work out and we were forced to go to second elections. I took a look at the political landscape, contemplated how most of it would pan out, didn’t see a scenario in which things would be any different the second […]

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