Month: April 2020

Five Game-Changer Moments in my Fitness Career

The Game-Changers Everyone who exercises hits plateaus and has struggles. We all know what it is like to not accomplish all the goals we wish to accomplish or to get frustrated when we don’t look the way we want to look. But thank goodness, that doesn’t mean we can’t point to massive success along the […]

5 Unexpected Benefits of Corona

Benefits of a deadly virus, a global pandemic that has terrorized us all? Coronavirus has been an absolute disaster for the world! No one has escaped the misery and pain this ubiquitous tragedy has wrought through every inch of the known universe. And yet, in every moment of woe, there are countless positive expected outcomes […]

Quarantine: Time for a Little Quiet Reflection

So it’s two weeks into my relative closure from the world, as we currently experience the most insanely dull apocalypse imaginable. Time for a little reflection. First, for those who don’t know what it looks like in Israel at the moment, the restrictions have been increasing steadily almost every day. At the time of writing […]

Corona: Fears and Hope

Corona Fears I’ll admit it. I’m scared. Several weeks ago, I was among the many among us who didn’t take any of this Corona business seriously. I’ve been around for a handful of scares here and there, and it’s always felt like the media is obsessed with working us up into a frenzy. Well, of […]

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