Can Macrobiotics Save a Life? (Guest Post)

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I am proud to present another guest post, this time from my wonderful (macrobiotic vegetarian) mother-in-law, Klara LeVine.

If you would like to do a guest post, please be in touch. I would love to hear from you about all sorts of topics. Macrobiotics is, of course, fascinating. But there is so much more to talk about. Reach out today!


My friend died last night. Cancer took her life.

But what kind of a friend was I?

Over the years she had expressed interest in the foods I had shared with her. And she has enjoyed them. So why was I not sharing with her so much more?

We knew she had cancer. And we know of many wonderful healing stories where doctors had given up; but when the people turned to macrobiotics, they realized their doctors did not know everything. They didn’t know that food really is medicine.

Macrobiotics Can Help!


I know regret is a very common feeling after someone has died. The awful feeling that we could have done something but didn’t. And I look around me and know there are so many more who are suffering. But for some deep reason I don’t go shouting from the rooftops, “Practice macrobiotics people. It can bring you to health!”

I know people will argue logics. “Look at your teachers who died from cancer,” they will say.  And I know people are very strongly attached to their foods and don’t see them as causing their diseases. I also know if I go to a wedding or even a Shabbos meal, even with people who say they eat healthy, meat will probably be the mainstay of the meal.

So I give up before I even try. I half-heartedly tell people to give it a try, almost expecting them to laugh at the thought of giving up the foods they love, the foods for which they don’t see the connection to how they make them feel.

The Macrobiotic Example


Maybe the best teachers are those who indeed were sick and experienced the healing macrobiotics brought. I do not wish that upon myself or anyone.  Maybe I just need to keep bettering my own practice until I can be a great example.

But I will never be perfect. None of us are.

In Judaism we believe if we save one life, it’s as if we saved a world. We are our brother’s keepers. Can we all help each other to be even better in our practices? And can we let the world know of this wonderful tool, not keep it to ourselves?

Can we save even just one life?

If we save one life, it's as if we saved a world. We are our brother's keepers. Can we all help each other to be even better in our practices? Click To Tweet


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Can Macrobiotics Save a Life? (Guest Post)

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