Month: August 2018

Apologies to the World

Teshuva This is always an interesting time of year for me. The Jewish high holidays are right around the corner. People are speaking all the time about being the best versions of themselves. And there’s never ending talk about teshuva, which loosely translates to repentance. I find the word “repentance” very off-putting. Not only is […]

Weight Loss: What the Heck is Going On Here?

The Beginning of a Weight Loss Journey A couple of decades ago, I was quite overweight. I’m 5’6 and I was over 200 pounds. Not a single pound came from muscle. I got a bit of a scare when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and I worked like a madman to lose nearly 50 pounds. […]

Never Settle (Part 1)

Never Settle? If you’ve been watching for any amount of time, you’ve heard me highly critical of several aspects of the dating scene in Israel (especially in Jerusalem). I think single people are looked down upon, and are in many ways treated like second-class citizens. And I think that the pressure is far too intense, […]

Adulthood and the Evolving Soul

Ah, adulthood. Filled with so many interesting changes. The most profound of which become clearer with each passing year. One of the most fascinating parts of adulthood for me has been watching some of my perspectives switch in ways I never thought imaginable. I’d like to explore three tremendous ways I’ve changed as I’ve watched […]

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