Month: May 2018

Angels in Darkness, a Shining Light of the Israel Experience

A Shining Light in a Pool of Darkness A few weeks ago there was quite a tragic day for Israel. We experienced a rainfall so intense, several teenagers on a school trip were swept up in a flash flood. Ten of those teens did not return.  I want to tell the story of a small, […]

The Death of Political Comedy

I Miss Political Comedy So much! I remember the days of soaking in the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart and John Oliver. None of them, for the most part, represent my political thoughts or opinions. But they were always on point. And always hysterical. And for reasons I hope to explore in this article, I […]

The Futility of Voting

Voting? I Didn’t Do It I didn’t vote in the last US elections. Yeah, I know. I’m an enemy of democracy. I am a threat to the American dream. But if you hear me out for a second, maybe I have a point or two. So why didn’t I vote? The simple answer is: I […]

Why Don’t My Employers Like Me!?

So… Maybe It’s Me After last week’s post, I started seriously contemplating some of my employment (and personal) history over the last 40 years. I’ve always been quite introspective. And I try very hard not to make excuses. So after quite a few years of having employers dislike me, it really got me thinking. Maybe […]

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