Month: April 2018

My Overwhelming Dilemma: What Would You Do?

The First Dilemma There are a lot of reasons I am writing this post. However, the biggest reason is to just get some things out into the open. Things I’ve been bottling up for way too long, all starting with the first dilemma. Many years ago I worked at Cornell University. I was in charge […]

Banish Fear Forever

Riddled With Fears When I was a child, I was riddled with fears. I’m not exactly sure when the mental switch happened in my mind, but at some point I decided that the time had come to remove all fear from my system. Why? Fear controls you. And I don’t want anything in charge of […]

Ain’t No More Heroes

Heroes of American History When I was in college, I took an excellent American History class. The details and depth were remarkable and really helped spark my love of history. But not without cost. Americans start learning our history very early on. However, the depth level changes drastically as we get older and more sophisticated, […]

The Whole World from Home: Domestically International

My Bucket List Years ago I sat down to write a bucket list. When the ideas slowed, I hopped online to see what other people around the world had come up with. Two things immediately caught my attention. First, I wasn’t doing as bad as I thought I was. Top items included getting degrees, getting […]

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