Month: February 2018

Un-Informed Choice: Victim of Deception?

Informed Choice, and the Confused Soul It was a dark and damp Friday evening at SUNY Albany. Every Friday night I attended the reform services on my campus. It was pretty much the only thing we consistently did, so I took it very seriously. However, that fateful evening I made an error. There was a […]

The Beginning of the Beginning

Beginning to Begin I spoke in my¬†last post¬†about how the beginning of my Jewish journey: my chance invitation to a youth group meeting followed later by accidentally wandering into a Chabad House. I want to take the next few posts to take an in-depth look into my religious journey, really turning over all the pieces […]

I Was Attacked… The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Attacked My faith has been interfered with multiple times in my adult life. However, one thing has never wavered, not even for a moment. I believe wholeheartedly that all misery, suffering, and hardships I have or will ever endure, will result in a positive outcome. No matter how hard things may seem at the moment, […]

10 More People in Israel I Could Live Without

A while back I wrote about the 15 people in Israel I could do without, a little lighthearted (hopefully) poke at this wacky place and some of the difficult Israelis who reside here. I think it’s more than due time for a few more, such as the complex array of folk at the grocery store […]

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