Month: August 2017

So Why The Hell Am I Here?

Why am I in Israel? I could only imagine that someone who has even glanced through my last several posts can’t help but wonder why I am living in this country. Clearly I have a problem with the systems, behavior, and attitudes. And clearly I had every reason to feel bitterness from my history here […]

5 Things People Say in Israel that Prevent Growth and Change

Things People Say Ever since I returned to Israel, I’ve been observing every detail. Trying to figure out how so many things could be so dysfunctional. Trying to figure out how to make things work for me here. Listening to things people say. And trying to figure out why I loved it so much the […]

15 People in Israel I Could Do Without

People in Israel My list of people in Israel is not exhaustive. It could be 20, 30, maybe even 50 people (What sane person wants to read that!?). These are just some (hopefully) comical observations I’ve made since my big return to the Holy Land nine months ago. Some of the titles could use work. […]

7 Holes I Fell into in Israel, Part 2

Continuing from my previous article about the first three holes I fell into in Israel: Hole #4: The Infamous Israel Apartment Experience Sadly, in nine accumulated years of living in Israel, I have never had a positive experience as a renter. The laws in Israel have historically been designed to benefit and protect owners, leaving […]

7 Holes I Fell into in Israel, Part 1

Israel, Then and Now When I came to Israel twenty years ago, it wasn’t before long that I completely fell in love with the country. I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere but Israel. Everything was beautiful to me. Every relationship seemed to be so much stronger, so much deeper. And even when I finally did […]

Marriage: Separate Paths to Nowhere

Humbled by a Failed Marriage When I returned to Israel, I joined several Facebook groups for divorcees. It was a lot of witty banter, some filled with pain, some filled with hope, and most with a great deal of levity. At first I really like and appreciated the groups. But as time went by, I […]

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