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Three Amazing Eras of UFC

UFC’s Era of the Dominant Champion When I began intensely watching the UFC several years ago, I started during what I like to think of as the Era of the Dominant Champion. The sport was loaded with individuals we thought of as borderline invincible. And we tuned in to see if there was anything that […]

Five Life Lessons I Learned from UFC Fighters

I’ve been a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts for several years now. I watched UFC fights live in the States weekly, and I follow the sport like a soap opera to this day. For the uninitiated or those who haven’t been updated, despite your possible perception of UFC as unregulated cock fighting, the sport […]

But My Life’s a Blessing…

Cynic… with Blessings I’m a cynic. A natural born cynic. And frankly, I have more than a few things to be concerned about in this world. I’m watching pieces of my youth disappear. I’m feeling the sting of health complications. I’ve watched pieces of my life fall apart and I’ve felt pain in my heart […]

The Secret to Unity: Sweat

The Secret to Unity: Sweat Anyone who knows me even a little knows I’m a tad obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts. There are so many aspects to this incredible sport that I love, one of which is how level the playing field is. People compete from all over the world. Black and white people hold […]

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