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I Can Sit Again! Surviving Pain (Part 3)

What happens now? I’m virtually pain free, with a few kinks here and there, and some days worse than others. But for all intents and purposes, I’m back! The question is, what happens now? Bucket List: Revisited Every once in a while I review my bucket list. There are a ton of items on there […]

Back in the States, Part 1

I’ve been in the States for a few days now, my first time out of Israel in over two years. I just wanted to share some observations, if I may, through the eyes of the (often unnecessarily) overly observant. Israel vs The States: Simple Differences First of all, here are a handful of small differences […]

Domestically International

My Bucket List Years ago I sat down to write a bucket list. When the ideas slowed, I hopped online to see what other people had come up with. Two things immediately caught my attention. First, I wasn’t doing as bad as I thought I was. Top items included getting degrees, getting married, having kids, […]

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