The “American” Experience, Part 5: We Conquered Vienna

For those who don’t know, I spent about two years freelance writing for a travel website. I wrote probably a couple of hundred articles all about tourist sites in Vienna. Of course, there’s nothing exceptional about this… except for the fact that I had never been to Vienna in my entire life. Anything and everything […]

The American Experience, Part 3: Epic Road Trip! (5 Tips)

So Pittsburgh was done and forever behind us. And it was now time to head on back to New York for all sorts of fun. But first, how in the world to get home? Flying is expensive… and wasn’t even all that pleasant last time. Train? Just as expensive. Bus? Yuck. Road Trip! We decided […]

The American Experience, Part 2: Pittsburgh, Not My City

The first stop of our American Adventure was Pittsburgh. We should have known something was up from the first impressions we received on the way there. Right off the bat, we were seated just a hop, skip, and a jump away from what must have been the most loathsome person I have ever had the […]

The American Experience, Part I: Travel, Weddings, and Numbers

The last two weeks were one gigantic adventure. My amazing wife and I did so much in just a short period, and I can’t stop talking about our experience. For two weeks I learned so much about myself, family, travel, the world, and so much more. I can’t wait to talk all about it in […]

Adventure in Brussels

I’m not much of a traveler. The process torments me and I have a general aversion to being the classic annoying tourist wherever I go. However, I recently had a lovely opportunity to explore Brussels, Belgium, and I wanted to give my review of this cute little city. Hopefully as the years progress, I’ll have […]

Back in the States, Part 2: We Saved the World!

The big trip to the States is rounding the corner and coming up on its end. The excitement of ubiquitous Christmas lights and shopping craziness will soon be behind me until the next time. The second leg of my trip to the States was colored by a handful of interesting experiences. The Street The most […]

Back in the States, Part 1

I’ve been in the States for a few days now, my first time out of Israel in over two years. I just wanted to share some observations, if I may, through the eyes of the (often unnecessarily) overly observant. Israel vs The States: Simple Differences First of all, here are a handful of small differences […]

The Insecurity of Security

Over the last decade I have been overwhelmed by security overhauls, both physical and now virtual. One thing has become apparent time and time again. In most of these situations, there has been a ton of work only to make everyone feel highly inconvenienced. Yet I have no evidence that anything is actually more secure […]

The Whole World from Home: Domestically International

My Bucket List Years ago I sat down to write a bucket list. When the ideas slowed, I hopped online to see what other people around the world had come up with. Two things immediately caught my attention. First, I wasn’t doing as bad as I thought I was. Top items included getting degrees, getting […]

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