Tales of Jewish Dating, Part I: Shadchanim, Lousy Dates, and Beyond

In The Beginning… Almost two decades ago, I started dating with a fury. I was visiting shadchanim and going on dates just about every week. And I was miserable. At the time I was living in Israel, watching all my friends getting married, and itching to find my own soulmate. Arguably pathetically desperate. I went […]

The Death of Political Comedy

I Miss Political Comedy So much! I remember the days of soaking in the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart and John Oliver. None of them, for the most part, represent my political thoughts or opinions. But they were always on point. And always hysterical. And for reasons I hope to explore in this article, I […]

10 More People in Israel I Could Live Without

A while back I wrote about the 15 people in Israel I could do without, a little lighthearted (hopefully) poke at this wacky place and some of the difficult Israelis who reside here. I think it’s more than due time for a few more, such as the complex array of folk at the grocery store […]

15 People in Israel I Could Do Without

People in Israel My list of people in Israel is not exhaustive. It could be 20, 30, maybe even 50 people (What sane person wants to read that!?). These are just some (hopefully) comical observations I’ve made since my big return to the Holy Land nine months ago. Some of the titles could use work. […]

40th Birthday: Oh Crap, It Happened

My 40th Birthday rolled around… I have been procrastinating starting this blog for many, many months now. Sadly, my mind tricked me in innumerable ways to delay myself from hitting the keyboard. The most convincing method was telling myself that I needed to find the right moment or milestone to propel me to get my […]

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