Work from Home: The Choice of a New Generation

A bit over two years ago, I sat down to my first day as a Customer Support Specialist, in the coziest office imaginable… my own home. That’s right. I work from home! This was daunting. At best. Who wouldn’t be terrified of the prospect of sitting for hours on end all by yourself? Wouldn’t I […]

My Overwhelming Dilemma: What Would You Do?

The First Dilemma There are a lot of reasons I am writing this post. However, the biggest reason is to just get some things out into the open. Things I’ve been bottling up for way too long, all starting with the first dilemma. Many years ago I worked at Cornell University. I was in charge […]

Is College Useful Anymore?

Is College Useful Anymore? Really off the beaten path with my posts, but this is just a topic I’ve been thinking about a ton lately. How can I not? I’ve got two degrees, a job that has nothing to do with either of them, and four kids who will one day enter the work force. […]

When To Leave A Job

Unfortunately, I have had to make the decision to leave a job more times than I would have cared to. I’ve even had to switch career paths. Thankfully, through adversity grows wisdom. I’ve developed an easy three-part system (currently in desperate need of a catchy title) to decide whether or not the time has come […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part VI: The Nail In The Coffin

After seven years of living in and working in Jewish Education in Baltimore, I moved to Kansas for very personal reasons. There is one Jewish day school there, and I was offered a job. My job description changed my first week. It was someone else’s miscommunication, but I was faulted for it. New classes were […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part 1

Why I Left Jewish Education I worked in Jewish Education for a decade, nine of those years immersed in formal education. I’m dedicating my next several posts to exploring not only why I left Jewish Education, but why I left with my head held high without ever looking back for even a moment. My hope […]

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