Month: February 2021

I Chewed Slowly for 6 Weeks. What Happened!?

I tried everything else. But the time came to take things to a whole new level. A scary level for me. After a lifetime of throwing food down my face like it was drugs I was trying to hide from an imminent police invasion, I needed to learn to slow things down. How Slowly, You […]

Damage Deeper than Anyone Could Imagine

Sometimes the smallest interactions can have the greatest impact. I needed to bring something to the dry cleaners the other day. When I went to pick up our item, I made some polite conversation with the really sweet guy in charge of the place. I asked him how business was going. And his answer made […]

Cancel, Boycott, Dislike, or None of the Above?

I need your help, loyal readers. I’m confused, and I’m once again trying to figure out how my mind works. The Folly of Cancel Culture I hate cancel culture. And I despise others imposing on the world this silly and overbearing version of political correctness that forces people to bend to their desired speech at […]

Devorah and I: 2 Down, Forever to Go

Two years ago my life changed forever. That was the day Devorah and I stood under the chuppah and became one. That was the day everything in my life got a solid and permanent upgrade. Every day is fun. We’ve done a lot of amazing things together. We’ve seen a guy with a horse mask […]

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