Month: December 2020

2020: A Year in Review, Part 2

Last week I posted my first half of my 2020 Year in Review. Here are five more ways this crazy year has affected my life. 6) Everything is a Little Worse in 2020 Life can be quite challenging and stressful. But everything’s just a little worse with Covid. Whether it be sickness, quarantines, lockdowns, financial […]

2020: A Year in Review, Part 1

2020 was not a great year. In fact, arguably it has been the worst year any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. When my kids grow up, they’ll tell the story about how they didn’t leave their house for a year because someone in China ate an undercooked bat. The year was filled with […]

Revisiting the Toothpaste Conundrum

Confession: I am a big, fat hypocrite. Well, maybe not so much a hypocrite as someone who might need to seriously re-think previously held beliefs. You see, three years ago I wrote my third blog post (!), Marriage: Separate Paths to Nowhere, which included these words: Now, a surprisingly large amount of people have asked […]

My Aunt Lynn (1946-2020), Not a Regular Person

Just a few weeks ago, my family received the tragic news that my Aunt Lynn had passed away. I’m quite a sensitive person, and in general mortality has always baffled me. But this was particularly jarring for two main reasons. Shockingly Sudden First, it was shockingly sudden. An illness Lynn had conquered crept back into […]

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