Month: July 2019

42, Still Kickin’

Yup, I’m 42. The yearly bitter birthday post. I keep trying to be be younger… the years keep piling on. Two years ago I got this blog started and felt awe and discomfort about turning 40. And now it’s two years later. I’m still going. Hopefully strong. And somehow or other I made it to […]

Slave to Technology

Am I a slave to my possessions? I’ve had a fear for a good deal of my life now. Addictions. Or harmful habits or reactions of any kinds. For example, I fear having no control over my love of food. And eating way too much of it, way too quickly. And even though I stopped […]

Six More Things I Love About Israel

Way back when a friend challenged me to write an article about things I love about Israel. I thought it was a fair challenge on a number of levels. Obviously there are things about the country that bug me to no end. It’s only fair that I tell the other side as well. There also […]

Aliyah: Getting the Answers We Need, Part II: The Facebook Question

In my last post I wrote about organizations that boast of helping those who are trying to succeed in moving to Israel (aliyah), but are failing short. I don’t believe, ultimately, that the secret to success here lies in an organizations. However, there is a group that is absolutely essential: All of us. We are […]

Aliyah: Getting the Help We Need, Part I

This post might upset some. But perhaps some people need to be upset. Because I feel everything I’m about to say is long overdue. And as much as there are plenty of individuals who will have fingers pointed at them, there is a communal responsibility that makes what I’m about to say relevant to countless […]

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