Month: June 2019

Peculiar Travel Suggestions, the Mightiest Dancing Lessons

Sometimes being an adult can get quite frustrating. Life can lack the adventure and spontaneity that colored our youth. Or at least the amount of unplanned craziness we all expect to have when we’re younger. Many years ago I was introduced to an author who would later become my favorite: Kurt Vonnegut. I was quickly […]

My 100th Post: Why a Blog in 2019?

Blog? You write a blog? What year is this!? This is my 100th blog post (including guest posts). I work on the blog a little bit every day of my life. But… some days I wonder why I bother. To date, I haven’t earned a penny. In fact, it costs me to maintain the blog. […]

Five Easy Ways to be Healthier… I Just Can’t Manage to Do

I want to be healthier. I want to wake up everyday refreshed and strong, with a positive feeling when I look into the mirror. And I do a lot of the things you’re supposed to do to get there. I eat relatively healthy and exercise a whole lot. But I’m never happy with the results, […]

The Teacher Itch: Five Things I Miss About Being a Teacher

Am I still a teacher? It’s been over three years since I left education. It wasn’t even a mildly complicated decision at the time. Almost as if the field itself had chewed me up and spit me out. It was time to go. I was done. But for my first year after I was done, […]

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