Month: April 2019

Leaping for ALYN Hospital and 3 Thoughts on Skydiving

Another year… another leap from an airplane. My son and I are once again jumping from a plane, for an absolutely fantastic cause. We would love it if you could contribute. Every dollar counts. ALYN Hospital is Incredible So first, why should you donate to ALYN Hospital? ALYN is the only rehabilitation hospital for kids […]

Five Life Lessons I Learned from UFC Fighters

I’ve been a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts for several years now. I watched UFC fights live in the States weekly, and I follow the sport like a soap opera to this day. For the uninitiated or those who haven’t been updated, despite your possible perception of UFC as unregulated cock fighting, the sport […]

Can Macrobiotics Save a Life? (Guest Post)

I am proud to present another guest post, this time from my wonderful (macrobiotic vegetarian) mother-in-law, Klara LeVine. If you would like to do a guest post, please be in touch. I would love to hear from you about all sorts of topics. Macrobiotics is, of course, fascinating. But there is so much more to […]

The Great Family Merger: Five Guiding Principles

I’m a bit worried. Not terribly. But a bit. I don’t doubt my parenting skills. And I certainly don’t doubt the person I married. Quite the opposite, in fact. I couldn’t imagine someone more qualified to take this journey with me and seamlessly become a part of my family. However, I’ve heard stories galore about […]

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