Month: March 2019

iBurningMan: My 2018 Burning Man Adventure (Guest Post)

Please enjoy another guest post from my Kansas buddy, Sara Nicole Glass, telling all about her adventures at Burning Man. *** The first time I rolled up to Burning Man in 2013, fresh off the festival circuit, I arrived at 6AM. After being on the road for three days and in line for 10 hours, […]

Israel Elections and Why I’m Afraid to Vote

Israel’s elections are around the corner. I have a mixture of emotions ranging from indifference to sheer terror. You see, this place can get a bit crazy, and your seemingly insignificant vote can mean so much more than most could imagine. Growing up in the States, it’s easy to start thinking of elections as a […]

Work from Home: The Choice of a New Generation

A bit over two years ago, I sat down to my first day as a Customer Support Specialist, in the coziest office imaginable… my own home. That’s right. I work from home! This was daunting. At best. Who wouldn’t be terrified of the prospect of sitting for hours on end all by yourself? Wouldn’t I […]

The Shameful Marriage Industry

The smoke has cleared. And I am now blissfully married to my one true love. Everything was beautiful and we are working hard every day to have the dream life we’ve both always wanted. But I can’t walk away from the experience without expressing some deep and painful concerns. The marriage industry is out of […]

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