Month: October 2018

Should the Ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) Really Serve in the IDF?

I went to the Israeli Army when I was in my early 20s, a solid deal older than everyone else in my group. And I quickly learned that I arrived somewhere very unexpected. I thought I was entering a place filled with excitement and fervor. Dedication and commitment. Pride and a devotion to do anything […]

The Storm of Engagement

Engagement is stressful. That’s what everyone says. That’s what I’ve experienced personally. But why is that? And does it really need to be this way!? It’s always an odd perspective, doing something a second time. It gives you a lot of interesting ways to look at things, and insights you otherwise might not have. First, […]

To Be a Baal Teshuva Again

In the Jewish world, I’m what’s called a Baal Teshuva. This literally translates to “Master of Repentance”, and refers to someone who was not brought up in a religious setting, but chose as an adult to take upon himself a religious lifestyle. Becoming a Baal Teshuva My process of becoming a Baal Teshuva was long […]

Devorah, and a Life of Never-Ending Joy and Fulfillment

Something happened. Something’s different now. Just a matter of months ago, I was happy. Or at least content. Or perhaps I just wasn’t sure what happiness looked like, since it’s very possible I’d never experienced it before. The Change I hadn’t dated in over a year. By choice. My head wasn’t in it. I didn’t […]

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