Month: September 2018

A World Without Regret

Dr. Jerome Eckstein I went to college in 1995, and I quickly developed a wonderful relationship with one of my professors, Dr. Jerome Eckstein. We came from completely different worlds and had completely different life paths, but there was such an overwhelming mutual respect, so much so that I eventually became his Teacher’s Assistant and […]

Forgiving Myself (Guest Post)

Forgiving Myself is quite a heartfelt guest post from my buddy Isaac Green. If you also have something you’d like to say, something burning in your heart that you need to get off your chest, let me know. I’d love for you to make a guest post as well! Shoot me an email and we’ll […]

Never Settle… Reloaded (Part 2)

I had a lot of strong responses to my Never Settle post and it made me think it’s worthwhile to do a bit of a follow up about some details, three of which I’d like to discuss or clarify here: Settling vs Realism A few folk told me that it was wrong of me to […]

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