Month: January 2018

Will I Ever Love Israel Again?

I moved to Israel in 1997, a starry-eyed 20 year old. And I loved everything about the country! Like an infatuated teenager, I ignored anything and everything that was bad or complicated about Israel, and just soaked in the holiness and camaraderie of being with my people in my homeland. — I want to love […]

Planting and Building: Raising a Jewish Child (Book Review)

I recently finished reading Planting and Building: Raising a Jewish Child, a translation of Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe’s original. It was a pretty solid, concise read. The author is extremely honest, often stating principles at odds with the accepted practices of his community, principles important for any parent, regardless of religion or religiosity. I wanted to […]

The Real Walls Necessary for Israel’s Survival

Israel’s Survival Something happened to me many years ago, something I’ve been working to understand ever since it occurred. I lived in Israel all throughout the Second Intifada, and life was painful and stressful. I recall a time walking through Jerusalem when a large bang sent everyone on the street into a panic, some running, […]

The Inevitability of Infidelity

The Inevitability of Infidelity If someone cheats on a spouse, are they an awful person? When I was younger I would have thought of that as a ridiculous question. Infidelity is wrong. Done. No more talking. I still believe there is some truth to that idea; however, I think it’s a discussion worth having. And […]

Growth Through Pain

Growth Through Pain I was 37 when I got divorced, after 13 years of marriage. I tried repairing a social life from scratch. When you’re married with four kids, it’s fairly likely that most of your friends are also married with children. But this carries a small problem. Parents are a pain in the ass […]

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