Month: November 2017

Vayishlach, the “Me Too” Parsha

Am I Allowed To Talk About This? It’s an odd sensation, clicking your fingers on the keyboard, not wanting to upset anyone but knowing it’s inevitable. I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the ubiquitous “Me Too” phenomenon that has smashed our culture from every side, but fear has prevented me. Somehow I’m perceived […]

The Permitted Discrimination

I recently heard a brief talk. During the talk the speaker said a few sentences that irked me, despite receiving no complaints from the crowd. “Someone who is single is incomplete.” “Someone who is unmarried can never really accomplish anything in life.” “Life cannot be properly fulfilled without a spouse.” Listeners nodded in agreement. And […]

When To Leave A Job

Unfortunately, I have had to make the decision to leave a job more times than I would have cared to. I’ve even had to switch career paths. Thankfully, through adversity grows wisdom. I’ve developed an easy three-part system (currently in desperate need of a catchy title) to decide whether or not the time has come […]

No Such Thing as Celebrity in Judaism (Guest Post)

Welcome to my first ever guest post. ‘No Such Thing as Celebrity in Judaism’ was written by my good friend Gabe Lewin. Gabe and I met during my first year teaching in Baltimore. Out of the craziness of that year emerged a wonderful, long-lasting friendship. And I’m honored to post his beautiful and profound words […]

Why I Left Jewish Education, Part VI: The Nail In The Coffin

After seven years of living in and working in Jewish Education in Baltimore, I moved to Kansas for very personal reasons. There is one Jewish day school there, and I was offered a job. My job description changed my first week. It was someone else’s miscommunication, but I was faulted for it. New classes were […]

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